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Florentine neighborhood

Florentin is a neighborhood in south of Tel Aviv, Israel named after David Florentin, a Greek Jew who purchased the land in the late 1920’s.

Like many other Tel Aviv neighborhoods, Florentin is in transition and is fast becoming one of the trendiest places in Tel Aviv to hang out in during the day and the night.

Alongside the many small shops, some of which have been here since the establishment of Israel in 1948, there are numerous coffee shops, bars, dance clubs that draw in people of all ages and from all walks of life to drink in the bohemian atmosphere and just enjoy.

Since the 1990’s, more and more people have been coming to live in the area with its narrow streets and quaint apartments and today it is a true melting pot where you’ll hear Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, English, French and many other languages as you walk through its streets and alleyways.

Levinski Street is explosion of scents, sounds and sights. Here you’ll find dozens of small shops and stalls selling an amazing variety of spices and herbs that infuse the air with a hodgepodge of fragrance.

Wolfson, Matalon and Herzl Streets are full of shops selling furniture, light fixtures, household goods. So many that you won’t know where to start – but hey, it’s a great sight!

Look out for a small lane between Vital and Stern Streets. It could almost be taken out of a fairy tale with its brick paving trees and flower hanging from every balcony. Just relax on one of the benches and drink in the sites and sounds.

Sit and relax with coffee and cake

The entire neighborhood is filled with small street side coffee shops where you can sit with the locals and enjoy a good cup of coffee and a cake. It’s the perfect place to sit watch the passersby, up-coming artists, young musicians, students, elderly couples who’ve lived here their entire lives, and the blue collar workers who still work in the many workshops that dot the neighborhood.

A neighborhood of contrasts

Florentin is a contrast of old and new. Trendy clubs, boutique shops selling cloths and accessories, pubs and bars with live entertainment alongside upholsterers, bakers, small grocery shops, synagogues that serve small ethnic communities and more.

And at night, the place explodes with neon and music as the bars and clubs greet the revelers whole dance the night away. If you’re lucky, you may also get caught up in one of the spontaneous street parties that seen to develop out of know where.

So young or old – you have to explore this amazing neighborhood!

Appartments near Florentin

Comfort Two Bedroom – 43 Ha-Yarkon

This ground floor, easily accessible apartment comprises a one bedroom apartment plus Studio, allowing for extra privacy when the connecting door is closed. With 2 bathrooms and 4 restrooms, along with a large living area guests have ample space at their disposal – and two Queen sized beds plus sofa bed allow for up to 6 people to share. A fully fitted kitchen, 3 cable equipped TVs and Wi Fi connectivity are additional facilities, and fresh linens, towels and bathroom amenities are provided. The 70 sqm apartment is located at 43 HaYarkon, close to the Shenkin district, Carmel Market, Old Jaffa and restaurants.

Deluxe Studio – 43a HaYarkon

This furnished deluxe apartment features a Queen sized bed, providing comfortable accommodation for two people. Ideally situated at 43a HaYarkon, the studio is within walking distance of a wide range of amenities including the shops at Shenkin, Carmel market, restaurants and the attractions of Old Jaffa. The deluxe studio is also perfect for the beach which is just steps away. Self-catering facilities include a kitchenette with a microwave, utensils, an electric cooking plate, mini-bar and kettle. Wi Fi and Cable TV as well as daily housekeeping, bathroom toiletries, linens and towels are included, and public parking is available close by, for $20 per day.

Deluxe Two Bedroom Apartment – 43a HaYarkon

Located at 43a HaYarkon this luxury apartment features a spacious living room with dining corner, and large master bedroom. The well equipped kitchen features a dishwasher, washing machine, and all linens, towels and bathroom amenities are provided. Each bedroom features a Queen sized bed, along with one single bed in one room, making the apartment suitable for up to five sharing. Linens, towels and toiletries are provided, along with a weekly housekeeping service. Wi Fi and two TVs with Satellite TV are included at no extra charge. Located just meters from the beach, the apartment is close to shops, restaurants, Carmel Market and Old Jaffa.

Extra Deluxe Studio – 43a HaYarkon

Guests can expect a wide range of amenities in this spacious deluxe studio apartment which is situated at 43a HaYarkon. Convenient for the beach which is just steps away, as well as the excellent shopping facilities in the Shenkin district, the studio is also within an easy walk of Carmel Market and Old Jaffa. The apartment features a Queen sized bed making it ideal for two sharing, along with a kitchenette equipped with a microwave, kettle, cooking utensils and mini-bar. Linens, towels and bathroom amenities are included, and there is a daily housekeeping service. Wi Fi and Cable TV are offered, and parking is available close by for $20 per day.

One Bedroom – 43a HaYarkon

Equipped with a fully fitted kitchenette featuring a microwave, kettle, mini-bar and cooking plate, this furnished self-catering apartment is ideal for 4 sharing. The apartment comes with a Queen sized bed, sofa, and a range of welcome amenities including Wi Fi, Cable TV, a daily housekeeping service, plus all linens, towels and toiletries are provided free of charge. The one bedroom apartment is conveniently close to Tel Aviv’s main attractions, its location on 43a HaYarkon being within easy walking distance of the Shenkin district, Old Jaffa, Carmel Market and restaurants. Parking is available close by for $20 per day.

One Bedroom Deluxe – 43a HaYarkon

This luxury apartment provides ideal accommodation for up to four, with a Queen sized bed and sofa.
Fully furnished to a high standard, guests benefit from a spacious living room and large dining table, as well as a well equipped kitchenette.
Wi Fi and Satellite TV. A daily housekeeping service is included, along with fresh towels, linens and bathroom amenities.
The beachside location of the apartment on 43a HaYarkon, as well as the close proximity to Carmel Market, Old Jaffa, restaurants and Shenkin’s shops, make it the perfect base for a vacation.
Parking is available close by for $20 per day.

Spacious Two Bedroom Apartment – 43 Ha-Yarkon

Luxury flexible living accommodation is offered in this two bedroom apartment comprised of one bedroom and studio, allowing for the option of privacy when connecting doors are closed. Two bathrooms and four restrooms provide ample room for guests who also benefit from a spacious living room, dining area and fully fitted kitchen. There are three TVs equipped with Cable, along with Wi Fi plus all towels, linens and bathroom amenities are included. The 100 sqm apartment sleeps up to 6 in two Queen sized beds and a double sofa and is located on 43 HaYarkon with shops, restaurants, Carmel Market and Old Jaffa easily accessible.

Comfort Studio

This fully furnished studio apartment features a Queen sized bed, and has been furnished to a high standard. Situated within a new building, close to the beach the studio is also well placed for the Shenkin shopping district, Carmel Market, Old Jaffa, and plenty of good restaurants. Visitors have a range of self-catering equipment at their disposal including a kitchenette featuring a microwave, mini-bar, electric cooking plate and kettle. Complimentary Wi Fi, Cable TV, a daily housekeeping service, fresh linens and towels are included, as well as bathroom amenities. Parking is available nearby for $20 per day.

Garden Studio

Ideally situated for those on vacation in Tel Aviv, and located in a brand new building complex, this stylish studio apartment is furnished to a high standard, has a private sitting area outside, and features a range of welcome amenities. The kitchenette has a microwave, kettle, mini-bar and cooking plate, while cooking utensils, towels and linens are provided. The Queen sized bed makes the accommodation ideal for couples, who can enjoy daily housekeeping as part of their stay. Tel Aviv’s attractions including the beach, Carmel Market, the shops in Shenkin, as well as Old Jaffa are in close proximity and paid for parking ($20 per day) is available nearby.

Rooftop Studio

This comfortable and well equipped studio apartment is ideally located for enjoying the attractions of Tel Aviv with Carmel Market, the shops of Shenkin, Old Jaffa, and the beach within easy reach. The Queen sized bed is perfect for two, and the kitchenette features a microwave oven, kettle, mini-bar and cooking plate, as well as kitchen utensils. Guests can enjoy glorious city views from the rooftop terrace in this new apartment which is located on the fourth floor. Additional amenities include new linens and towels, toiletries, Wi Fi and cable TV. Parking is available nearby, for $20 per day.

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