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Ramat Gan Safari Park

The Ramat Gan Safari Park covers some 250 acres in the heart of densely populated Ramat Gan. It can truly be said to be a piece of Africa in the heart of Israel.

rhinos in the safari of Ramat Gan

Animals in the park wander freely in large herds in conditions simulating, as close as possible, their natural habitats. Drive through the park as if you were on a safari in Africa, observing the animals from close up as they go through their lives. See them interacting with each other, fighting, mating, eating and resting.

The Safari is the largest animal collection of its kind in the Middle East where large herds of different African animals live together in the park’s spacious grounds. Altogether, the Park and the zoo are home to over 1,600 different species, including 68 mammals, 130 bird species, and 25 species of reptiles.
The zoo contains animals from around the world and is known for its breeding herds of African and Asian elephants, the gorilla, chimpanzee, and orangutan families, its hippo herd, and its pride of lions (housed in a separate, open enclosure).

Enjoying the Safari to the Full

The Park’s safari section is designed to be enjoyed from the comfort of a car or bus. The zoo, is open to the public just as any other zoo.
The Safari also organizes a number of unique tours that give the visitor a different look at the lives of the animals living here:

Feeding Time

As expected, feeding the animals is strictly forbidden, but the Safari does have set feeding times where you can watch the animals being fed by their keepers.

Getting There and Getting Around

Address: 1 Hatzvi Avenue, Ramat Gan
GPS address: 46 Raziel, Ramat Gan address of the roundabout before the Safari. There is a sign in the roundabout to turn for the Safari

By Car

Public Transport

Safari bus

If you don’t have a car, the Safari bus is at your disposal, at an additional cost. of NIS 7 per person. Note that it is not necessary to reserve ahead of time. The Safari bus leaves from the main gate and takes you through the African section to the zoo, and out through the lion area at the end of your visit

Rent a Cart (Zoo only)

You and your family can tour the zoo in an electric golf cart. The zoo cart rental booth is at the main entrance to the zoo. The carts seats 2-6 persons and the driver must. present a valid driver’s license. Rental price of a zoo cart is not included in the Safari entrance fee
Note that children are not allowed to drive these vehicles

For more information and to reserve an electric golf cart for individuals or for groups, please contact
Office – 03-7305447
Chagi – 050-330510

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