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Tour Bus

If you needed another reason why Raphael Hotels offer you the best deal ever, how about a totally free tour bus that is just for the hotel’s guests!

The Raphael Hotel tour bus is the perfect way to start your visit and exploration of the city that never sleeps – Tel Aviv. Like any city, when you arrive for the first time it can be a maze of confusing streets, a new language, strange money – in short, it can take you a couple of days just to get orientated.

That’s where the Raphael Tour Bus steps in to help. As we already said, it’s an exclusive tour for hotel guests and one that’s totally free.

The tour starts at 9 a.m. and 12 noon, two times a day, every day (except Saturday’s – sorry), from the hotel’s head office at 6 Allenby street. It also ends at the same location – so it’s a circular tour. Altogether, the tour takes about three hours (depends a great deal on traffic conditions) and gives you a great introduction to this bustling metropolis.

The bus itself is closed and air conditioned and recorded explanations of the sites you’re passing are available (via the earphones) in eight languages including Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian and others.

So, when you arrive at your Raphael Hotel, be sure to ask at the front desk about the tour bus and how to get there – it’s the perfect way to start your Tel Aviv adventure!


Is it really free?

It may sound strange that a hotel gives you something for free – but yes, Raphael’s management and staff want you to enjoy your stay in Tel Aviv to the maximum and this is their way of helping out.

How long is the tour?

It can take from between 3 to 4 hours because Tel Aviv’s traffic can be pretty heavy – especially in the areas the bus travels through. Ask at the front desk or the office for the latest schedule.

What’s the bus’s route?

Basically, the bus takes you past all of the city’s major attraction including the Old City of Jaffa.

Can I get on and off at designated stops?

Sorry, but no. The bus doesn’t stop along the route.

Can I take the trip more than once?

Yes of course.

Can I bring a friend with me?

If they are also staying at one of our hotels then the answer is yes. But if they’re not one of our guests then you should talk with the front desk.

Is the bus open topped?

No – Israel, and especially Tel Aviv, in the summer can get really hot – so the bus is fully air conditioned to keep you cool and comfortable.

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